If you don't need a full time cleaner and need a bespoke one-off deep clean done with no hidden charges then look no further! Whether you require a commercial or domestic clean, you have come to the right place. We ensure that our cleaning is done to a very high standard to meet customer expectations, due to our professional manner we complete all jobs to very high quality. You are able to decide between a one-off clean that can be done as often as you desire, or you can set up a routine clean that will be done in partnership of LMK Cleaning Services who have been in the commercial cleaning business for 35+ years.

Is the service that you require not listed? Please contact us as we are open to cleaning requests due to our flexible working environments. We will look to accept as many requests as possible if you are happy with the price & that we can promise that we can 100% do the best job that can be done. This will either be done through an estimate price over the phone or a no obligation quote given in person.

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